TELUS Digital

Split Commitments for Existing Customers

Duration: 4 weeks

Role: UX Designer


Why Split Commitments?

TELUS customers can't purchase Optik TV if they're already an existing internet user. In order for them to purchase Optik TV, they need to buy it as a bundle with internet.

Split commitments will simplify the purchase of Optik TV for customers that already has an internet plan because the customer no longer has to worry about including internet as part of the purchase.

What Does This Mean?

A new flow has to be introduced to provide customers with the option to either add Optik TV on a 2-year term, or add Optik TV on a 2-year term and renew their internet plan.

Exploring Possibilities

We started looking through different possibilities such as a new page, new component within the product list page (PLP), and a modal. However, after much thought and discussions with my team, we decided that a modal will work best.


The New Flow

As we introduced the modal, we redefined the flow of buying Optik TV. Depending on if the customer renews their internet plan or not, the interstitial page will also provide information on internet renewal savings.





User Testing

Once the new flow was determined and the modal was designed, we reached out to our user researcher who was able to conduct a moderated test for us. After gathering 10 participants, he was able to help us answer some questions about our design and pin point flaws.

As we got the test results, we were pleasantly surprised at the positive outcome. The users were able to comprehensively go through the designs and find what they were looking for. However, like every test, there were some flaws that were discovered.


As we got the test result readout, we discovered that the pricing on the modal seemed to cause some confusion. 2/10 users mentioned what would happen if they already had discounts on their current internet plan and how it would be displayed. To simplify this, we added a note to clarify any misunderstandings about the pricing structure.


In our first iteration, we really wanted to test if the users understood what the purpose of the modal was. We wanted to determine if it fits well within the flow of adding Optik TV and if it became a distraction or not. 


After defining the flaws of the modal, we wanted to clarify the pricing structure and keep the modal consistent throughout the TELUS design system. We also ran it through our content team to make sure that everything can be easily interpreted. In terms of the flow, nothing changed, as it proved to have been a smooth process through the screens.

Final Screens

As we made our iterations, we finalized the screens for split commitments and made sure that everything passed the TELUS design system. Once everything was done, we passed it onto the developers through Figma and went through countless QA sessions to make the designs pixel perfect.


Updated PLP page where TELUS customers can choose what Optik TV package they want to select. Here, they can choose 2 year term or no term contracts when adding this package.


The new internet renewal modal allows users to opt in and save for 2 years on a new internet plan with Optik TV. This modal won't be visible if the user decides to go with a no term plan in the PLP page.


If the user decides to not renew their internet in the previous modal, an interstitial page with the option to go back to the modal will appear.


If the user decides to renew their internet plan from the previous modal, information on their new internet plan will appear in the interstitial page, where it will require them to confirm this change.

My Final Thoughts

Given that split commitments was my first project at TELUS, I was able to adapt to a new working environment and learn how problems and opportunities are tackled in one of Canada’s largest telecommunications company. I am both proud and thankful of this project as it was truly a big stepping stone in my career. I think the most exciting thing is the fact that thousands of TELUS’ customers across Canada will be able to interact with what I produced.