The Drivers of Change

Providing users with a way to easily convert their motorcycles into electric ones with batteries and motors. Any EV owner can also benefit from this app by being able to track their battery's health and conditions.

This was a school capstone project that focuses on solving an issue that's stated in the RSA.

Partner: Sara Bhasin

Duration: 4 weeks

Role: UX Designer


So What's The Problem?

Jakarta, Indonesia, is one of the most polluted city in the world. With over 70%-80% of the pollution being created by vehicles and 75% of those being motorcycles, Indonesians in Jakarta suffers from toxic air that causes long term health problems.

Our Solution

A system where Indonesians can choose to convert their current motorcycles into electric so they can contribute towards having clean air in the city. 


Why Does This Problem Exist?

When exploring the problem space, we focused on tackling the most polluted city and why it got so bad. After understanding the problem, we came up with an idea and interviewed people to see what their thoughts were.


Which City Is Heavily Affected By It?

From our research, we decided to focus on the current pollution crisis happening in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was because Jakarta ranked the most polluted city in Southeast Asia due to their expanding coal business and frequent forest fires.


Data was researched during fall 2020 so results may differ now*


Data was researched during fall 2020 so results may differ now*

Narrowing Down The Scope

We wanted to make sure that anyone can contribute towards having clean air with our solution. That being said, we came up with the statement: "How might we ensure that everyone living in areas with poor air quality is guaranteed their right to clean air?" 

What's The Main Cause Of Air Pollution?

Transportation in Jakarta accounted for 70% of the cause of air pollution. Among that, 75% of all vehicles driven in the city are motorcycles.


How Can We Reduce Emissions From Motorcycles?

In order to reduce the emissions of motorcycles, we came up with the idea of converting existing gas motorcycles into electric ones without having to buy a new one. To determine the viability of our idea, we interviewed Indonesians to express their thoughts on it.



What Will The App Offer?

Based on our user research, we discussed what we needed to implement onto our app. What users wanted the most was being able to track their batteries and find charging stations with ease. We also had to consider adding features such as the online shop because the company heavily relies on the sales of the products. After brainstorming, we organized all the features into its respective categories using sticky notes so we can stay organized with our ideas.


Understanding A User's Journey

In order to understand how a user will navigate their way towards their goal, I created a user flow. Doing so helped us identify opportunities in certain areas and make strategic decisions based on the user's wants. 



Introducing The Shop

To convert gas powered motorcycles into electric ones, we introduced a shop where consumers can come and buy battery packs and electric motors. If they need help with the conversion, they can always come to the shop and have a mechanic do it for them. 


Introducing The App

With the app, Baut customers can keep track of their batteries and learn all the important information on it in real time. Users also get to check their savings compared to owning a gas powered motorcycle. Non-Baut EV users can also have access to all the features by inputting their vehicle information during the onboarding process.

The reason why we introduced the app on top of the store is because Baut cannot survive if a successful partnership is not contracted. We had to think ahead and prepare for the worst case scenario. Introducing an app helps us fill that gap and gives us potential for growth outside of our target market.



User's Batteries

Users have their own profile where they can keep track of their batteries and see how much money they saved from them. If they purchase a new battery or want to add their EV, they can add those to their profile as well.


Adding New Batteries

When a user wants to add a new battery, they can choose between a Baut battery or Other. When adding a Baut battery, they can easily scan the QR code on the battery or manually input it. With the Other battery, the user can fill up the information section and add that battery into their profile.


Browse Through Products

If a user decides to buy a battery or motor from Baut's store, they can go into the shop tab and browse through the options and reserve one to pick it up at a dedicated location near them.


Checking Battery Conditions

Users can check the conditions of their batteries and see whether it is charging or not. It also displays how long it'll take to charge completely and the estimated range of it.


Savings From Batteries

A unique feature of the Baut app is the ability to determine the savings of a user's battery. This informs them how much they can save when going electric.


See How The App Works!

This demo shows the user flow of checking battery conditions, adding a new battery, and shopping for new products.

What I Learned During This Project

This project gave me the opportunity to team up with some of my classmates and deliver a viable solution that can help tackle air pollution. During the research stage, I realized how bad air pollution has gotten and the effects that people will face because of it. The research and interviews made me feel like it was a personal issue and wanted to do whatever it takes to fix it. Empathizing with the people facing this problem helped me further recognize the importance of understanding the problem as that person and being in that person's situation.

I am thankful that I was able to work on this project with my team and design an app with my friend Sara. We were able to give each other critical feedback and provide support during the iteration process.